Veronika Deseniška
A historical tale of unrequited love.
Fighting for the Heritage
This exhibition design was an important experience that thought me how to connect space and graphic design. Apart from book design setting the type in space is a slightly different ordeal that requires other qualities, such as good spatial visualization and good content planning. Ordered by: Celje Regional Muesum
Book: Fighting for the Heritage
The book was created as a catalogue for the exhibition. Ordered by: Celje Regional Museum
Ana Celjska
This Slovenian-Polish monograph was a special challenge. Although both languages are Slavic, one text was about 30 percent longer than the other, so a special attention was set to balance the Slovenian and Polish pages.
Accessibility of Cultural Heritage to Vulnerable Groups
Three different covers were made for one publication in order to enhance the accessiblity - the possiblity to make one thing in different ways and therefore more acessible to vulenrable gorups. The cover motive is an illustration made out of braille letters. It illustrates the logo of the project.
Multigenerational society
Logo for a society named "Autumn Flower". It is a society that organizes social events for elderly people.
Tactile Cradle
This big puzzle (ca. 80 cm × 80 cm) was a unique play tool for children with special needs. Even for children who were blind as it had a special 3d relief illustrations. Ordered by: Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Accessibility of Cultural Heritage to Vulnerable Groups.
Mouse Mici falls into the Pantry
The Project was build in the cooperation with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana, Bern University of Applied Sciences and the story author Aksinja Kermauner. It features unique 3D illustrations and was presented to the community of blind and partially sighted children.
Grofje Celjski
This monograph features many vector illustrations and is colourfull reminder of the middle ages.
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