In this project I present the creation of a tactile adjustment for the needs of the Celje Regional Museum, and its permanent exhibition for the blind and visually impaired. The portrait of Empress Elisabeth of Habsburg, our original picture, was painted between 1873–1875 by the Austrian artist Georg Martin Ignaz Raab. Five different textures in different heights, ranging from 0,030 to 0,469 mm, were used to create tactile adjustment. We further compiled and examined the different associations the users had when feeling different textures. The obtained information helped us choose those textures that could best convey the individual elements of the actual image. The blind and visually impaired users of tactile images participating in our study were also very satisfied with the designed tactile image. 
The Original Image from Celje Regional Museum. Dimensions: 79 × 73,3 cm. 
Tha adaptation for blind and visually impaired visitors, with legend and isolated details on the right side.
The adaptation exhibited by the original image.
Detail from the adaptation - the face.
Detail from the adaptation - flower from the hair ornaments.
Deatil from the adaptation - flower from the dress.
Deatil form the adaptation - border.

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